CastPodder is a podcast receiver written for Linux and OS X. It only assists in downloading netcasts.

It can play/open the following formats.

  • “mov”,”mpg”,”wmv”,”avi”,”m4v”,”mp4”,”pdf”,”m4a”,”rtf”, “mp3”

The following are the programs that play/open the above formats. They can be changed in the code.

  • VIDEOPLAYER = “xine”
  • WMVPLAYER = “gmplayer”
  • PDFPLAYER = “xpdf”
  • RTFPLAYER = “ooffice2 -writer”

These can be changed in the file ipodder/configuration.py

CastPodder Development was stopped on November the 8th 2006. See the author's

This page belongs to the feature documentation of CastPodder.

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