Feature Comparison

General FeaturesPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Version 2.0 2.1 6.0.4
Last Release 3/28/2006 2.2    
Author Lance Robinson juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/team/index.php apple Erwin van Hunen,Cindy De Smet
URL www.primetimepodcast.com juicereceiver.sourceforge.net www.apple.com www.dopplerradio.net
Free and Open Source Yes Yes No No
License   GPL    
License Cost/ Fee   0 0 0
Languages en more than 20 many en
Operating SystemPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Windows 98 No No    
Windows XP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS X No Yes Yes  
Linux No No No  
Windows Mobile No No No Yes
Palm OS   No    
Programming Language C# Python and wxPython   .NET 1.1
Common FeaturesPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Search web local local & web local & web
Notifications System tray notifier yes, customizable   system tray popup
OPML Import Yes Yes Yes Yes
OPML Export Yes Yes Yes Yes
Playlist Formats m3u, pls, wpl, apple, itunes   M3U, PLS wml, itunes
OrganizePPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Expiring Channels        
Archive Old Feeds Configurable configurable    
Feed ReadingPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Integrated Browser No No   Yes
Plain Text No     No
PodcatchingPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Schedule Downloads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resume Partial Downloads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limit Download Size Yes No No Yes
ID3 Editing No   Yes Yes
SyncPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Sync to iTunes Yes Yes Yes No
Sync to PSP No No No No
Sync to Mediaplayer Yes No No No
Sync to iPod No No Yes No
Integrated burning to CD No No   No
MediaPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
MP3 download & internal playing download & external playing download & internal playing download
MPEG-4 download & internal playing download download & internal playing download
Real download download   download
Quicktime download download download & internal playing download
Windows Media download & internal playing download download & internal playing download
DivX download & internal playing download   download
Xvid download download   download
Content ProtocolsPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
rss 2.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
atom No   Yes No
Transport ProtocolsPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
http Yes Yes Yes Yes
https No Yes Yes Yes
http auth No Yes Yes Yes
bittorrent No Yes No No
Proxy Server Yes Yes No Yes
feed:// No No No No
podcast:// No No Yes No
pcast:// No No Yes No
itpc:// No No Yes No
itms:// No No Yes No
SupportPPR Detailsjuice Detailsitunes Detailsdoppler Details
Support Forum No Yes   Yes
Mailinglists No      
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