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CastPodder is dead / R.I.P

CastPodder is no longer alive.

As posted in http://blog.borgnet.us/2006/11/09/say-g … ght-gracy/

CastPodder has been put to bed, RIP.

After 3 years of coding and its predecessor iPodder being sued by Apple, ripped by PodNova and now the code being miss-handled by distribution packages I have discontinued its development. The majority bitching that I turned it into a commercial product and the rest just plain bitching.

Well I have had enough. Support is now over, coding is stopped and all dns has been removed for the domain name.

Thanks to all that supported and donated to the project.

CastPodder died on Nov. 8, 2006 - RIP

Therefore, CastPodder has been taken from podcatchermatrix.



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