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How to use PodcatcherMatrix

PodcatcherMatrix allows you to compare various Podcatchers in a side-by-side manner.
The podcatchers are compared on a feature set, which covers many of the Podcatchers characteristics.

To show the features of a specific podcatcher, go to the homepage and click the details-icon http://www.podcatchermatrix.org/icons/magnifier.png.

To compare multiple Podcatchers, select them and press the compare button.

How to narrow down the feature set
In the details-view of a single podcatcher and in he comparison matrix you can narrow the featurelist:
select the features you want to see by clicking the http://www.podcatchermatrix.org/icons/flag_gray.png - the flag will turn into http://www.podcatchermatrix.org/icons/flag_yellow.png in turn.
Now you can narrow the features by clicking the schow flagged only link at the top of the matrix

To discuss podcatcher features, you have to register first http://www.podcatchermatrix.org/forum/register.php



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