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General FeaturesThe Spellcatcher Details
Last Release
Author Ace Frahm
URL spellcast.in
Free and Open Source No
License All Rights Reserved
License Cost/ Fee 0
Languages American
Operating SystemThe Spellcatcher Details
Windows 98  
Windows XP Yes
Mac OS X No
Linux No
Windows Mobile No
Palm OS No
Programming Language C#
Common FeaturesThe Spellcatcher Details
Search none
Notifications no "you've got podcasts" messages are sent, but you can see the feed scanning & download activity as it happens in The Spellcatcher's console window.
OPML Import No
OPML Export No
Playlist Formats Feed List Format (FLF), which lists one ATOM or RSS feed's URI per line, ues '#'' character for comment lines.
OrganizeThe Spellcatcher Details
Expiring Channels  
Archive Old Feeds The definition of "Expiring Channels" on podcatcher matrix is unclear, it is not possibli to understand what that means. The Spellcatcher never erases downloaded podcast episodes from your computer. You must delete them yourself when you are done with th
Feed ReadingThe Spellcatcher Details
Integrated Browser No
Plain Text No
PodcatchingThe Spellcatcher Details
Schedule Downloads Yes
Resume Partial Downloads No
Limit Download Size No
ID3 Editing No
SyncThe Spellcatcher Details
Sync to iTunes No
Sync to PSP No
Sync to Mediaplayer No
Sync to iPod  
Integrated burning to CD No
MediaThe Spellcatcher Details
MP3 download
MPEG-4 download
Real download
Quicktime download
Windows Media download
DivX download
Xvid download
Content ProtocolsThe Spellcatcher Details
rss 2.0 Yes
atom Yes
Transport ProtocolsThe Spellcatcher Details
http Yes
http auth No
Proxy Server  
SupportThe Spellcatcher Details
Support Forum No
Mailinglists No

The Spellcatcher

I just finished creating The Spellcatcher http://spellcast.in

It is for Windows PC desktop-laptops.
It reads both ATOM & RSS feeds. It comes with a default list of podcasts built-in, so the first-time user can immediately see that it works, and try out the podcasts I like.

Most podcatchers will download the entire back catalog of episode enclosures when you add a feed.
This causes your computer to work for days, clogging your internet connection the whole time.
The Spellcatcher has a "no-podcasts-older-than-date" field, so that it can suppress the downloading of old shows.
This one feature alone completely justified the time and effort I spent in creating it.

And I made some features that help podcasters measure downloads, place promos in other podcasts, and make it possible for the small podcaster to sell podcast ads for the first time. But the user base needs to grow, as The Spellcatcher is brand spanking new, 2012-10-29 . . . . .

The Spellcatcher seems to be the only podcatcher under active development right now that is made to meet the needs of podlisteners, podcasters, and podvertizers. The others all have some problems with them I'm busy trying to fix. I invite you to join me in the adventuresome endeavor to improve the infrastructure of podcasting itself!

Questions? Bugs? Feature Requests? acefrahm@spellcast.in

Thank you,
Ace Frahm

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how The Spellcatcher looks like. Remember: The look of many Podcatchers can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

The Spellcatcher Screenshot 1

What The Spellcatcher looks like when you first open it.

The Spellcatcher Screenshot 2

To manage preferences for The Spellcatcher, just click the "Show Preferences" button. By default, these config files are located in the user's "Documents" ( Win 7 ) or "My Documents" ( Win XP ) folder, under "\Podcasts\Podcast Download Manager Configuration Files".

The Spellcatcher Screenshot 3

The Spellcatcher runs as a scheduled task under windows, you can control when it runs just like any other schedule task. This built-in scheduler helps make it easy to do, and has a button that by default will arrange to download every 3 hours.

Ace Frahm

A real, live, breathing person (not a faceless corporation) writing code to to improve podcasting for all! You can actually talk with Ace about The Spellcatcher or podcasting!

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