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General FeaturesrcFeedMe Details
Version 1.25
Last Release 1.43
Author ARogan
URL blog.arogan.com
Free and Open Source Yes
License Cost/ Fee  
Languages english
Operating SystemrcFeedMe Details
Windows 98  
Windows XP Yes
Mac OS X No
Linux No
Windows Mobile No
Palm OS No
Programming Language c#
Common FeaturesrcFeedMe Details
Search none
Notifications no
OPML Import Yes
OPML Export Yes
Playlist Formats  
OrganizercFeedMe Details
Expiring Channels  
Archive Old Feeds  
Feed ReadingrcFeedMe Details
Integrated Browser No
Plain Text No
PodcatchingrcFeedMe Details
Schedule Downloads Yes
Resume Partial Downloads No
Limit Download Size No
ID3 Editing No
SyncrcFeedMe Details
Sync to iTunes No
Sync to PSP No
Sync to Mediaplayer Yes
Sync to iPod No
Integrated burning to CD No
MediarcFeedMe Details
MP3 download
MPEG-4 download
Real download
Quicktime download
Windows Media download
DivX download
Xvid download
Content ProtocolsrcFeedMe Details
rss 2.0 Yes
atom Yes
Transport ProtocolsrcFeedMe Details
http Yes
https Yes
http auth Yes
bittorrent No
Proxy Server  
feed:// No
podcast:// No
pcast:// No
itpc:// No
itms:// No
SupportrcFeedMe Details
Support Forum No
Mailinglists No


- Works in Vista/XP/win 7. x86/x64.
- Self contained and portable.
- Quick and easy interface. It might not be that pretty but I wanted something that I could quickly enter settings for all aspects of the program.
- OPML import/export.
- Complete automation. Once setup, it just runs in the tray and checks the feeds for new downloads at an interval you set. No annoying popups or notifications. I just want it to silently do its thing. Downloads have to be as robust as possible and retry automatically if the download stalls.
- Maintain a history of every file downloaded so you will never get flooded with downloads when a feed changes or download something you've previously downloaded.
- Flexible system to determine where feed downloads are saved.
- Multi threaded with the ability to set the number of threads to use.
- Some basic abilities to sync to a mp3 player. I want to keep this program pretty focused on just downloading.
- Source included, c#, .net 3.5

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how rcFeedMe looks like. Remember: The look of many Podcatchers can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

Feeds Tab

Displays all subscribed feeds and associated files for download.

Download Queue

Files that are currently downloading or queued for download.

Groups Tab

Group settings.

Settings Tab

Global preferences.

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