Listing a new Podcatcher

We're always happy to list new products. If you want to get listed send us an with the following info:

  • the name of the Podcatcher
  • short description (the "Elevator Pitch")
  • is it a hosted or downloadable solution (or both)
  • public website in English describing your Podcatcher
  • the email adresses of one or more accounts of users who will maintain the entry (please create your account first)

The feature records can be maintained through a webinterface on PodcatcherMatrix or by providing an URL where we fetch the data from regularly. We will send you more details when we accept your submission.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject a listing if we think your Podcatcher is not ready to be listed (eg. because it's in an too early development state or is just a minimal change of an existing OpenSource Podcatcher).