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  • Works in Vista/XP/win 7. x86/x64.
  • Self contained and portable.
  • Quick and easy interface. It might not be that pretty but I wanted something that I could quickly enter settings for all aspects of the program.
  • OPML import/export.
  • Complete automation. Once setup, it just runs in the tray and checks the feeds for new downloads at an interval you set. No annoying popups or notifications. I just want it to silently do its thing. Downloads have to be as robust as possible and retry automatically if the download stalls.
  • Maintain a history of every file downloaded so you will never get flooded with downloads when a feed changes or download something you've previously downloaded.
  • Flexible system to determine where feed downloads are saved.
  • Multi threaded with the ability to set the number of threads to use.
  • Some basic abilities to sync to a mp3 player. I want to keep this program pretty focused on just downloading.
  • Source included, c#, .net 3.5
Visit Website: blog.arogan.com/2008/11/rcfeedme.html

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